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Safari tours was established in the year 2008 in Salalah, Sultante of oman , the main branch  is located in Salalah.

What we do 

Safari tours is a tour operator  company  in Salalah, Sultante of oman offering tour packages.

Join with Salalah Safari tours to explore Salalah!

Haven’t experienced the true Arabia yet? Salalah is your ultimate destination in Orient. Indulge in to the hospitality of the locals, enjoy the breath-taking sceneries of the nature, and witness the unique culture and tradition of true Arabia.

Half day tour ( 4 hrs. approximately)


Live unforgettable day at our farm

The Guest will start the visit with a presentation about the types of the fruits and vegetables by an Omani

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East Half Day Tour


EAST SALALAH (highlights of tour)

Visit the old fishermen town of taqa , and it’s castle , then driving to

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Experience ridding camels in our

ancient farm which is 350 years old.

Taking around in the farm which is

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Al Fazayah Beach

It isyour  relaxing time at Alfazayah

beach Al-Fazayah Beach

is one of the best beaches in Oman. Its a 5 kilometers

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CITY OF SALALAH (highlights of


Visiting the great sultan Qaboos mosque, after that visiting

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West Half Day Tour - 4hrs

Enjoy  the nature at one of the most

fabulous beaches in Salalah

Visiting  Mugsil  beach ;  where the white sand touches the deep blue of

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Shore Excursions

Salalahsafaritours offer many shore excursion programs in Salalah for cruise liners for many years. Contact us for more details

Tours & Excursions

Select from our large collection of holiday packages, round trips and excursions, both in East & West Salalah.

Full day tours 8 hours

Mountain tours Full Day Tour - 8hrs

Jabal Samhan the mountain range of Jebel Samhan to a breathtaking plateau at a height of almost 1700m panoramic view from above a cliff, Darbat’ for a relaxing stroll along the Wadi bed, surrounded by herds of Camels,

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Desert /Sunset Full Day Tour - 8hrs

Lost City of Ubar,  an ancient site where remains of the city were discovered in 1992 by Archaeologists using remote sensing equipment.  Ubas is believed to have been populated from about 2800 B.C to about 300 A.D. and to

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Trekking \ walking

IF  you are a natural lover and have the time and energy to trekk, do not miss the chance to see the magical beauty and unique landscapes of dhofar region

Samhan mountain

Wadi derbat

Mugsil and Fazayah beach

Sea excurastions


Enjoy fishing in Dhofar with us.Our trips are flexiable to fit your wishes,

Watching dolphins

Come and experience the wonderful world of Dolphin watching in Dhofar  Region, Oman.

Snorkeling & Diving

Enjoy  your trip in the underwater  world of Dhofar.

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